Professor Filósofo

Filósofo (Dolf van der Schoot) started training capoeira in 1999 with mestre Vladimir Frama (Capoeira Batuque), after having seen capoeira a few times during his travels. A year after starting training, he moved to Amsterdam and started training with mestre Marreta, where he felt at place and remained. After having lived, studied and trained in Brazil for a year and a half, he started to teach upon his return and in 2007 received his teacher-cord from mestre Marreta. And so turned into professor Filósofo. 

Next to capoeira, Filósofo always has been involved in study, research and policy. He holds master-degrees in Political Science, Philosophy and in Education. At the moment he is involved in a PhD study. For Filósofo, capoeira and his studies always have been connected; in his life he tries to combine the two in his publications and research on capoeira. 

Our group Berimbau de Ouro pretends to pay attention to all aspects of capoeira: music, singing, movement, acrobatics, fight, culture, society and friendship. This and many other things are part of capoeira. ‘Capoeira é uma só’ is a phrase frequently used to indicate how the different strands within capoeira all are part of capoeira. We could also invert this phrase to most aspects in our life: there is one thing that touches upon all these aspects. It’s capoeira.