Berimbau de Ouro

Capoeiraschool Berimbau de Ouro

In 1978, master Carne de Cobra, born in the state of Bahia, founded a capoeiraschool in the city of Montes Claros, in the state of Minas Gerais: Associação de Capoeira Regional Berimbau de Ouro dos Irmãos Unidos de Mestre Carne de Cobra. When soon after Marreta started to teach capoeira in the city of Sete Lagoas (MG), he adopted the name of his master – as is custom in Brazil : Associação de Capoeira Berimbau de Ouro. 

The Capoeiraschool Berimbau de Ouro pretends to divulge a complete, festive and popular capoeira, in which all aspects of this art will be taught. The colours used in our logo are black, as a reference to the African roots of this art; white, an important colour in Afro-Brazilian culture that points at liberty and purity; and gold, as a reference to the geographical and historical context of our school: Minas Gerais. 

The group Berimbau de Ouro uses a graduation sistem of cords, braided out of 3 strands, and based on the colours of the Brazilian flag:




Yelow/Blue                                                         (Aluno Formado/Professor)

Green/Yellow/Blue/White                          (Contra-Mestre)

White                                                                    (Mestre)


Mestre Marreta

Mestre Marreta arrived in Europe for the first time in 1984, in Portugal, where he started to teach in Lisbon, and so became part of the first group of teachers teaching in Europe. After living in Paris and Bochum (Germany), he settled down in Amsterdam, while at the same time continuing the school in Montes Claros, MG.

Mestre Marreta started to train capoeira in 1976 in Montes Claros, first with professor Baiano and when he left, with mestre Carne de Cobra, who put him at the head of the group when he also left Montes Claros. Teacher at 16 years of age, Marreta has always continued teaching, training and playing capoeira since. 

Mestre Marreta has been and is invited in various capoeira workshops and events, and dance – and musicevents all over Europe and outside Europe. Every year he organizes together with mestre Samara (Capoeira Senzala) the oldest still existing capoeira event of Europe: the Eastermeeting, in Amsterdam. Another important event of the group Berimbau de Ouro organised by mestre Marreta is the Newyears-event in Amsterdam.

Mestre Marreta also runs various projects in Montes Claros, de city where he grew up: a social project related to the Capoeiraschool Berimbau de Ouro, and an eco-farm ‘Fazenda Mandacarú’. More information you can find on: